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Construction of Agarak-Kajaran road in the Republic of Armenia

28 Oct

According to the public relations report of Tunnel Sadd Ariana, a contract was signed on Monday, 23 October 2023, between the Ministry Roads of Armenia and Tunnel Sadd Ariana Co. The contract outlines the construction of the Kajaran-Agarak road in the Republic of Armenia, covering a distance of 32 kilometers, which will be undertaken by this engineering company

The project encompasses various sections, including the construction of 17 bridges spanning a total length of approximately 3 kilometers, 2 tunnels with a combined length of approximately 1 kilometer, 18 retaining walls covering a total length of around 2.5 kilometers, 17 culverts, 6 overpasses, 30 side roads connecting to the main body of the road, as well as 5 uneven intersections and ramps

The contract signing ceremony took place in the Republic of Armenia and was attended by representatives of this country, including Gnel Sanosyan, minister of territorial administration and infrastructures; Gor Avetisyan, executive director; Kristine Ghalechyan, deputy ministers; Narek Zulalyan, deputy executive director; Karen Badalyan, Project manager. Representatives from the Islamic Republic of Iran were also present, including Mehrdad Bazrpash, Minister of Roads and Urban Development; Ara Shaviani, representative of Armenian in the parliament of Iran; Mahdi Safari, deputy for economic diplomacy; Masoud Ostad Moein, international deputy minister of roads; Mehdi Sobhani, Iran's ambassador to the Republic of Armenia; Aalen Joseph Yousefian, representative of “Abad Rahan” company; as well as representatives from Tunnel Sadd Ariana, including Ali Mousavi Rahimi, the Director of Tunnel Sadd Ariana, and other members were present

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