Tunnel Sadd Ariana


Who we are

Who we are


Tunnel Sadd Ariana places great emphasis on the safety of all persons either employed on the works of the contracts or travelling in the vicinity of them. This is because people are at the core of our business and our purpose is to improve lives and shape cities and communities around the world. We consider on-site safety to be of paramount and fundamental importance and will take steps to make sure that all the personnel of the projects are fully apprised of their responsibilities in this regard.

For this purpose, within the framework of social and financial support, Tunnel Sadd Ariana considers aiding underprivileged individuals or groups of the society as its responsibility. Furthermore, it believes that in the lexicon of social and economic responsibility, help and support should substitute legal rights payment towards those in need in the society since the impoverished and the destitute are the fruit of communities.

Accordingly, some financial aid have been paid to the following charity institutes and organizations:

  • Mehrvarzan Moein charity institute
  • Bachehaye Aseman institute (for the disabled children)
  • Sobhe Ruyesh school (for the working children)
  • Abshar Atefeha charity NGO
  • Mah Monir Bani Hashem charity organization
  • Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation, Sistan and Baluchistan branch
  • Financial aid for the release of prisoners

Assisting and aiding at the project sites due to force majeure conditions

Based on its organizational values and policies, Tunnel Sadd Ariana feels obligated to help the local population within the vicinity of its projects during times of emergency.

On 01, May 2020, following the dam failure and the subsequent partial structural collapse of the reservoir dam in Uzbekistan and adjacent to the border with Kazakhstan, a great amount of the approximate one billion cubic meters of water flowed in Kazakhstan through natural flood conduits. Since many villages were located inside the course of the flood, the governorate of the region held an emergency meeting with the presence of the representatives of the employer, Committee of water resources, and Tunnel Sadd Ariana. By the order of company management to the project managers, all ongoing project activities were suspended so that the machinery and equipment of the Makhtaaral project could be dispatched to the effort of avoiding the flood from entering the villages and residential areas. This endeavor proved to be highly efficient and received a commendation from relevant authorities.