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Design and construction of Bagratashen Bridge on the border crossing between the Republic of Armenia and Georgia

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Transportation - Road, Bridges & Highways


Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure of the Republic of Armenia and its agent Road Department "SNCO"-Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia


The aim of this project is the construction of a bridge on the Debed river between Armenia and Georgia countries in order to complete the Northern Corridor Modernisation Project for increasing the capacity of movements. The plan has taken into consideration a variety of factors including economic, operational, architectural, environmental, and aesthetic concerns. The structure designed for the bridge comprises 2 separate bridges of five 32 meters spans each. To this end, the overall length of the bridge would be 160 meters between the axes of neoprene bridge bearings of the abutments. The effective width of the decks is 11.85 meters, which sums to a total of 12.45 when the 3-meter width of sidewalks is added.



  • Construction of two bridges
  • Investigations and surveys
  • Design work 
  • Pile execution
  • Construction of Temporary bridge for the movement of construction Machinery
  • Manufacturing and Erecting of precast prestressed concrete beams with 32 meters length
  • Execution of river diversion
  • Meeting the Safety Requirement, especially the construction works on Railway area 
  • Construction of decks
  • Execution of Pavement
  • Execution of Tunnel
  • Construction of retaining wall
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