Tunnel Sadd Ariana




Construction of Main and Secondary Canals under the Irrigation System Modernization Project (comprising of 3 lots)

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Water And Environment - Irrigation


Armenian Territorial Development Fund (ATDF)


The agreement which was made on 21 April 2020, between ATDF “Water Sector Projects implementation Branch” (The Employer), of one part, and Tunnel Sadd Ariana (The Contactor) of the other part in the Rehabilitation of Main and Secondary Canals under the Irrigation System Modernization Project (comprising of 3 lots):
Works in this project consist of:
Lot 1: Rehabilitation of the Gogt Canal; left and right branches of the Kassakh irrigation system, Devin canal, Artashat canal N49, main Voskevaz canal; left branch canal of Zeytun-Haktanak stage 2 and 3, and pumping station.
Lot 2: Rehabilitation of the end-tail section of Mrgashat canal, Margara canal, Lower Hrazdan canal 2nd stage 5th branch, Hatsik 10 distributor, R-6 and R-4 distributors, and MKH-3 and MKH-7 distributors of main Talin canal.
Lot 3: Rehabilitation of the Sayat-Nova, Arbat, and Shah-Arkh canals, outlet canals of Araks-Jrarat pump station, Aratashen pump station, and Areg canal.


  • Construction and rehabilitation of irrigation canals
  • Construction of drainage canals
  • Construction of offtake and control structures
  • Construction of access roads
  • Earthworks
  • Waterproofing of canal beds using HDPE geomembrane and concrete
  • Installation of Precast vertical or inclined slabs
  • Cast in-situ linings
  • Installation of precast vertical or inclined slabs
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